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Tap Into Your Loved One’s Memory With Jazz

Music can reach a part of the brain often unaffected by Alzheimer’s disease or a related dementia. Playing familiar music can bring old memories to the forefront, allowing you to learn new things about your loved one’s past and allowing them to reminisce and hold onto memories they thought they had forgotten. This February, revisit your loved one’s passion for jazz music while honoring Black History Month at the same time.

Black History Month is a time to reflect and honor the contributions Black Americans have made to the USA–including the gift of jazz. In the early twentieth century, this new style of music was emerging, recognizable by its complex harmony, unique improvisation, and lively performances. 

According to a study at Johns Hopkins Medicine, listening to jazz can improve memory recall and clarity of thought. Jazz was created in Louisiana in the early twentieth century by incorporating roots of blues and ragtime into a new vibrant and upbeat style. Jazz has been proven to stimulate creativity in performers, as well as listeners.

This Black History Month, explore the complex harmony of jazz while honoring the rich contributions the Black community has made to American culture. Take a moment to commemorate the contributions of talented artists such as Billie Holiday, Jelly Roll Morton, and Louis Armstrong, while simultaneously stimulating your loved one’s cognitive function.

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