Our communities follow all CDC, state and local COVID 19 guidelines. Contact our individual communities for more information

Senior Living Communities: Move in during COVID-19 or wait?

Over the last several months, many families have made the decision to keep their aging parents or loved ones at home with care, instead of moving into a senior living community, because of fear of COVID-19. Our experienced Advisors have heard it time and time again – adult children are overwhelmed, tired, and not focused on self-care, but they worry about moving their loved one into a community setting. According to our Advisors, here are some of the key reasons why moving now may actually be the right option:

  1. Vaccination and Availability of Medical Resources:

You may have heard that the vaccine is only weeks away from being ready. We are proud to partner with CVS Health, and our residents and team members will be among the first to receive the vaccine, through our onsite clinic model. You can feel assured that your loved one is receiving the vaccine and ongoing boosters  at no cost, without having to be exposed to other individuals as they would at a clinic or healthcare center. Prioritizing your loved one’s health in this way is a great reason to move before the end of the year.

  • Exercise and Physical Health:

Especially for those with memory loss, engagement and exercise are critical for overall health. Communities offer a wealth of opportunities for activities that are purposefully designed for individual residents. Team members are onsite daily to provide leadership for these activities instead of having to bring in outside providers or trainers. Residents get to know team members well, so there is an essential level of trust already established when team members arrive to bring them out to join in on the fun!

  • Safety and Security:

While many are struggling to find hand sanitizer and toiletries at the store, our communities are well-stocked with those items and have no shortage of resources. The limited visitors to the community utilize appropriate sanitation materials and follow our established protocols. Homes may run out of resources like food, toilet paper, medication, or other necessities that we have at our fingertips. We monitor deliveries, have increased hand sanitizer use, and have amplified cleaning procedures.

  • Connection in a Time of Social Distancing:

Many seniors are currently isolated in their homes and have been for several months, and this can make it difficult to keep connected with family. Our communities have the capability to use Facetime and other video apps, as well as outdoor visits. Our team members are creative and always looking for new ways to provide activities that are safe and fun.

  • Less Strain and Stress, More Focus on your Relationship with your Loved One:

As you are well aware, it can be straining to offer help and care to your elderly loved ones while also keeping yourself and your family safe and healthy during this unprecedented time. By helping Mom or Dad transition and move into a new home in a memory care community like ours, younger family members are liberated from caregiving roles and instead are able to spend more meaningful, quality time with their loved ones.

Families tell us all the time how appreciative they are of the individualized care and engagement provided, and how they wish they had decided to make the choice sooner! They can tell how much we care about their family members, and honestly, it’s why we do what we do. Our team members have made the purposeful choice to dedicate their lives to providing exemplary memory care, and you can be assured that your loved ones are in good hands.

Whether you are searching for memory care or another type of community, our Advisors can help you, answer questions, and provide resources. Our communities are dedicated memory care communities, purposefully designed for those with memory loss. Our unique THRIVE program allows us to provide care and engagement with purpose, helping our residents feel valued and live with dignity.