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Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall: Preparing for the Change of Weather

The third week of September brings the first day of fall! With autumn’s arrival comes the change in weather, anticipation for approaching holidays, and opportunities to enjoy fall activities with family and friends. In the academic calendar, fall also signifies the start of a new school year, a fresh start to get back into a routine as we wave goodbye to the warm summer weather.

Make Plans

Routines can be incredibly helpful during months when weather may limit the ability to travel or participate in outdoor activities. Prepare for the change in seasons by creating a visitation schedule for family and friends, seeking weather-appropriate activities, and boosting their immune system with a nutrient-rich diet. Planning and scheduling fall-related activities will give your loved one something to look forward to.

When planning your fall schedule, consider adding these tasks to your to-do list:

  • Pull out sweaters, jackets, and winter gear for when the temperature starts to change.
  • Identify a few fall activities that your loved one may enjoy, such as apple picking or pumpkin painting.
  • Dig into the cookbooks for festive fall recipes to create together.
  • Visit the library or purchase a few new books to enjoy with a cup of hot tea.
  • Decorate their space with fall decor or items for the upcoming holiday season.

If your loved one is in a care facility like Willow River, contact the staff to learn about upcoming activities to participate in as well. Read Preparing for Visits with Loved Ones in Memory Care to learn successful strategies for establishing routines.

Be Aware

Cooler months bring shorter days as the sun begins to set earlier. Keep an eye out for Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), especially with loved ones experiencing Alzheimer’s disease or a related dementia. Seasonal changes limit sunlight exposure and increase isolation, creating an atmosphere for depression to grow. As family members and caretakers, you will be the first to notice when their dementia or Alzheimer’s disease symptoms change or increase. Read 5 Tips to Avoid Seasonal Depression for more information about SAD, as well as ideas for counteracting the negative effects. 

The fall season also brings a rise of cold and flu transmissions. Be aware of your loved one’s health and wellbeing throughout the season, physically and mentally. With family members back in the office and children in school, new germs might spread to elderly loved ones with lowered immune systems. Be diligent with hand-washing and personal hygiene, and avoid close visitations if cold or flu symptoms arise.

Willow River is Here to Help

At Willow River, we understand the challenges that Alzheimer’s and dementia can bring. If you have questions or need help, Willow River has the answers and resources you need. Call Willow River Senior Living at 888-546-1886 to start the conversation today.