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Finding Community in Faith

Faith communities can help you navigate grief and loss, especially when experiencing dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease personally, or caring for a loved one with memory issues. Whether you practice a religion or not, your individual faith can be a driving force to keep your mind and body strong during challenging times. Faith communities offer a variety of different benefits for individuals or families to connect with others experiencing similar issues.

Routine and Socialization

Many faith communities offer a rotating schedule of regular events. From game nights to book clubs, a weekly schedule can become part of a familiar routine. If your loved one with memory issues embraced spiritual traditions throughout their life, they may find comfort in the familiarity of joining a local house of worship. Find strength in your faith community by building relationships of support with other attendees.

Music and Mental Health

Music plays an important role in religious services, and also is entwined with the holidays and family traditions. With music, comes dancing! Dancing doesn’t have to be strenuous to provide a healthy dose of physical and mental exercise. Music also has the ability to reach a part of the brain often unaffected by Alzheimer’s disease or a related dementia. Sometimes, music can bring old memories to the front, allowing you to learn new things about your loved one’s past.

Shared Experiences With Loved Ones

Maintaining faith-based activities can nourish spiritual health and encourage relationships to continue to grow. Attending services or events together at your local house of worship provides a sense of continuity. In senior living and memory care communities like Willow River, regular visits from spiritual leaders can help residents remain connected with their faith.

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