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Understanding and Navigating Memory Care

Educational Resources for Families

Wherever you and your family is on the Alzheimer’s and dementia journey, there are resources that can help. Here are some organizations and online resources that may provide the guidance you are looking for:

Alzheimer’s Association – Learn about Alzheimer’s symptoms and diagnosis, care, support groups, and the latest research.

Parkinson’s Disease – Parkinson’s disease (PD) is a type of movement disorder that can affect the ability to perform common, daily activities.

Lewy Body Dementia Association – LBDA provides educational resources to assist individuals with LBD, their families and healthcare providers.

Early Onset Dementia Information – Young-onset (also called early-onset) Alzheimer’s is an uncommon form of dementia that affects people younger than age 65.

Caregiver Support – Information for those just beginning their caregiver journey or veteran caregivers.

Positive Approach to Care® – Learn more about the inspiration behind our THRIVE approach: world-renowned dementia expert Teepa Snow and her Positive Approach® to memory care.

10 Early Signs of and Symptoms of Alzheimer’s – A useful guide that explains the difference between age-related memory loss and more serious impairment.

National Center for Assisted Living (NCAL) – Learn more about assisted living and find guides and checklists for choosing an assisted living residence.

National Institute on Aging – Learn about Alzheimer’s and dementia, including causes, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment, along with resources for caregivers and information about clinical trials.

Medicare – A government website answering all your Medicare questions.

Social Security Administration – A government website answering all your Social Security questions.