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7 Key Questions You Should Answer For Your Family

Planning for Your Future: Part 1

Planning ahead can make all the difference when it comes to determining your future. Despite the uncertainty that comes with aging, there are some clear preferences you can choose to communicate with your loved ones now so they can ensure your wishes are carried out properly later.

There may come a time when your loved ones need to make decisions for you, especially if dementia or Alzheimer’s disease could be a factor. Help your family navigate the future with your best interests and preferences in mind by talking to them continuously and identifying your wishes ahead of time.

Consider Your Options

Ensure your wishes are communicated with a detailed list of your wants and needs. Throughout the planning process, you should identify what is important to you, research your options, and document your decisions. 

Conversations about issues related to aging, health care, and even final wishes can be especially challenging. Sometimes these discussions need to take place over time, with opportunities for reflection, research, and further consideration. Acknowledge that some of these situations may never occur, but the answers may help influence decisions in the event of some other unanticipated situation. Documenting these conversations and preferences can make it easier for future decision-makers to carry out your wishes.

Conversation Starters

Here are some questions to get the conversation started:

  1. What type of living arrangement do you want?
  2. What types of elder care do you want?
  3. Where do you want to live?
  4. What are your wishes for health care intervention?
  5. How do you want your family to respond in the response to an accident or diagnosis of a disease?
  6. Are there certain people you want your family to contact in the event of your passing?
  7. What type of funeral service and burial do you want?

The gift of aging is a wealth of knowledge from a full life of lived experiences. Like many things in life, planning ahead can make all the difference down the road. Preparing for your future is as much for yourself as it is for your loved ones.

Willow River is Here to Help

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